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Guaranteed laughs

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Naguib Sawiris

"فكرة خلاقة قوي بصراحة مشفتش زيها قبل كدة" 

Mohamed Henedy

"!متحمس العب معاهم اللعبة دي"

Mayan ElSayed

انا دايما بلعب قول اميم مع صحابي"

"يا جماعة والله

2ool Ameme © is currently Egypt's hottest up and coming gaming startup revolutionizing Egypt's board/card game industry with games that are tailored to fit our Egyptian culture. Founded by 3 ambitious friends, Abdelrahman Khaled, Yasmin Ammar and Sarah Abouelkhair, the game was born from the rising need for entertainment mid quarantine and quickly became a national bestseller with it’s two hit games “2oolameme” and “2ool aw E3mel”. Since our launch early 2020, we have sold more than 50,000+ games and worked with large corporate clients such as GSK, Roche, Dell and Nestle to customize and develop unique games for their marketing campaigns. Our teams continues to grow, we are now a team of 12 people that are purely dedicated to giving you the best games so you’ll never get bored again.

We believe that gamified advertising can be a powerful tool to create customer engagement, acquire new customers, or even create a fun working environment for your employees.

We’ve worked with many of our clients to design and produce games that best fit their marketing targets.

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